Some call it crazy, others call it inspirational.
There comes a time in ones life, where you just have to go for it...
The time is now, these are the best times.
This is our version of film school.
Instead of going to college, we decided to clock some mileage.
Help us make our dreams come true.
Freedom Through Creativity


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Expression All-Ways Crowd Funding Project: Second Leg of the Journey

Seeking to make a difference and inspire others through film and dance.. Join us as we travel the country, filming 50 dance videos. 
Help contribute and be a part of creating this documentary

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Total Goal: $1,000

Received: $0


We have come so far this past year.. Thinking back to when we were cuddled up in an old 1800s hotel, far up in the mountains with 60mph winds and snow, plotting our journeys.. To a few months later when we were backpacking across the country, without a working camera, photographing our travels on a iPhone.. All the way to performing at a festival and working hard on a horse ranch. It would not have been possible without my fans, friends, and loving supporters. You helped us get where we are today and I am very grateful.

     What have we accomplished so far? With a lot of hard work and everyones help we acquired our dream bus, converted it into a traveling home, and saved for thousands of dollars worth of camera and computer equipment/editing software. We have started creating a web site called and launched a documentary, it has been epic. Capturing dance footage and sharing our journey is a joyous aspect, so we have developed it further.. We are diving deeper into what dance means and the connectedness it offers us all. Creating a documentary was always in the back of our minds, and now we have the ability to do so. 

The Freedom Of Dance. Join the Thunder Whale Bus Crew, on our quest to film 50 dance videos in breath taking locations across the country. Watch our lives unfold as we travel, experiencing ups and downs, with the question in mind: How can dance change the world? We will seek out various styles of dancers, hold interviews and capture them in action at events, meet ups, dance studios, and on the streets. 

We have spent the last 3 months living on the road in our bus. We like to say this is our film school, we learn more everyday. While filming dance videos, going to events, capturing behind the scenes footage and interviews is incredible we realise this is just a start of what it really takes to film a documentary.  


As some may know it isn’t easy to survive as an artist these days.. 

Why fund raise? Because it works. Groups can come together to make projects actually happen via the internet! It’s a beautiful thing. We have created a connection from fan to artist.. Rather than paying someone else to pay your favourite artist, you can directly support them. In a way this is what we are doing with creating our own fund raising site, cutting out the middle man. 

Why donate? We can all come together, creating a film that will touch hundreds, thousands even. When it is released you will know you helped make a possibility a reality. If we can make a difference and even change a few peoples lives it makes it worth it for all of us, after all, our question is: How can dance change the world? It’s only the beginning of finding out.